Core Values

core valuesCore Values – Distinctiveness of Helping Hands Embassy Foundation

      1. We believe that all services provided to those in need should be done in love thereby offering hope, mercy and compassion.
      2.  We believe that personal spiritual transformation occurs from strong Spiritual discipleship, equipping and training.
      3.  We believe that addictions can be overcome through prayers, Meditations, medical treatment and deep abiding healthy relationships.
      4. We believe that homelessness is a temporary condition that, when desired, can be overcome with personal healing, educational assistance, housing and employment.

Helping Hands Embassy Foundation will help direct and find treatment centers and work closely with employment preparedness and recruitment agencies for those that needs our services. Helping Hands Embassy Foundation strives to be a world leader among other foundations that provides for the poor, by restoring the addicted, and eliminating homelessness.

We see each individual as a spiritual person of worth and dignity and worthy of assistance in their journey. Our vision is to help individuals and families get liberation from hunger and homelessness, and be transformed physically, emotionally, spiritually, and health wise, as well as being educationally equipped to participate in society and sustain housing. We are also encouraged to create relationships of love and service to others. We seek to help those who have been abused and neglected to find a better life. We seek to help those who have become addicted to understand their addictions, to expect physical healing and to live in ways that are healthy to soul, mind and body. To fulfill this vision we:

    1. Provide Christian discipleship programs designed to address addictions and abuse by placing them with facilities that offers spiritual and physical tools to overcome addiction and live healthy productive lives.
    2.  Give tangible help including gift-in-kind donations of food, clothing and shelter to those who are homeless or in jeopardy of becoming homeless. We provide and partner to offer emergency, transitional and permanent supportive housing.
    3. Utilize a virtual network of connected relationships where persons are cared for and supported by mentors and friends using internet communications and cutting-edge technology.
    4. Support and encourage literacy, education and training for employment as the equipping means for self-support and stabilization. We work to assist those for whom a self-sustaining lifestyle is beyond their abilities.
    5.  Advocate for a future where homeless individuals are loved and cared for while at the same time expected to work towards their independence and sustainability.
    6.  Teach persons to live in healthy, supportive relationships, which provide for spiritual, emotional and physical support with personal accountability.
    7.  Create opportunities for donors and volunteers to experience making a personal difference in the lives of the people who seek help from us.
    8.  Empower our staff and partners to participate side by side in collaboration, supporting those in need.
    9.  Aspire to provide an environment in which staff, students, alumni, donors and volunteers are not afraid to have fun. We foster the ability to choose an attitude of laughter, joy and greatness, and desire living life to its fullest every day.
    10. We provide all of these services at no cost to those that do need our help. We Volunteer to do and provide these services for the foundation free as well.

We will provide food in case of a disaster. We will convey the food to the disaster area via a food truck and vans and will also volunteer in cleanup if need be. No board member relatives will receive funds or goods from the foundation as the distribution will be coordinated with the authorities in charge of the area affected. We will ensure that we know who is in charge and that they are doing their job by conveying goods to those that are affected before handing them ours. We will also be in field making sure that those we need to help get the help they need.